I can’t even HANDLE the goodness that is in(DEX)ed. Get all the in(DEX)ed details here!
When Tina proposed an in(DEX)ed HALLOWEEN celebration with StencilGirl Products I just about fell over. um. yes. PLZ! i mean… i guess if you’re gonna make me ;)

but really… this is THE shit. it’s so good. it’s so fun. I’ve adored each & every piece, mine AND the ones by the other artists! So pop on over & check their stuff out after you look at mine.

and here is MINE!


I turned it into a swampy witchy little thiiiing! There’s a front gate, a line of zombies, some headstones in a graveyard… which wouldn’t be complete without a few witch’s ingredients! The moon shines down on it all… then peek through the broken window & see the witch & the witch’s familiar! check out all the individual cards below.


Supplies used:
RoloDex Double Tray : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-double-wide-tray/
RoloDex Standard Double Card : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-cards-double-wide-standard/
RoloDex Spine : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-cards-spines/
RoloDex Half Tabbed : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-cards-half-tabbed/
RoloDex Standard : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-cards/
RoloDex Half Circle tall : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-cards-half-circle-tall/
RoloDex Fatty Middle : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rolodex-cards-double-wide-fatty-middle/
Articulated Beetle from in(DEX)ed. October’s Kit add-on options
Man in the Moon : https://umwowstudio.com/product/man-in-the-moon/
Zombie Village : https://umwowstudio.com/product/zombie-villagers/
Garden Window : https://umwowstudio.com/product/garden-window/
Spooky Branch : https://umwowstudio.com/product/spooky-branch/
Rickety Fence : https://umwowstudio.com/product/rickety-fence/
Pair o’ Crows : https://umwowstudio.com/product/pair-o-crows/
Rat : https://umwowstudio.com/product/stand-up-rat/
Zombie Hands : https://umwowstudio.com/product/zombie-hands/
Layered Coffins : https://umwowstudio.com/product/layered-coffins/
Fish Bones : https://umwowstudio.com/product/fishbones/
Old Tape : https://umwowstudio.com/product/vintage-tape/
Number Cards : https://umwowstudio.com/product/umwow-diecuts-number-cards/

StencilGirl Products:
Poppy Seed Heads : https://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/stencil-Poppy-Seed-Heads-Cynthia-Silveri-p/s912.htm
Create Face : https://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/stencil-Create-Face-Pam-Carriker-p/s646.htm
Playful Petals : https://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/stencil-Playful-Petals-Jennifer-Evans-p/s728.htm