03 : Raw Art Brain
10 : Raw Art Brain
17 : Raw Art Brain
24 : Raw Art Brain
31 : Raw Art Brain


14 : Raw Art BRain
21 : Raw Art BRain
28 : Raw Art Brain


04 : Raw Art Brain
11 : Raw Art Brain
19 : Raw Art Brain
26-30 : TUAC Retreat in Florala, AL


03: Raw Art Brain
09 : Raw Art Brain
12 : Halloween Workshop @ Brick&Mortar
16 : Raw Art Brain
23 : Raw Art Brain


06 : Raw Art Brain
13 : Raw Art Brain
27 : Raw Art Brain


04 : Raw Art Brain
11 : Raw Art Brain
18 : Raw Art Brain

Be Inspired!

Find all the ways I share my work & process with you. Including free and easily accessible works, online purchasable courses full of knowledge & where you can find me, in person, out & about the world.

in(DEX)ed. a kit

—$varies based on subscription type

CO-TAUGHT / CO-DESIGNED : Tina Walker & DeeDee Catron are up to it again! They have dreamed, brainstormed, planned & curated a long life for in(DEX)ed, their roloDEX adventure. Introducing an every other month KIT full of artist designed products & tutorials to create amazing index card sized 3D works of art.

Sign up for the full year to get all the best benefits♥


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Lives & Freebies

Unique & inspiring interactions from me to you. 
Think project sharing, challenges, sped up creation videos, general experimentation & play, LIVE creation (real time talk & real time work,) specific tips & tricks +more. I love exploring with utensils, tools, mediums, found pieces and so much more.

Join my facebook group where I post all up to date schedules, new videos, inspiration, highlight other artists & their awesome techniques plus so much more!
It’s also the group for UmWowStudio : you are encouraged to share any & all projects inspired by me, my art, or my business & products.♥

Find me on youtube for HUNDREDS of free videos including live sessions. There are tips & tricks, specific techniques, project creation, starts to finishes… LOADS of inspiration for you. Feel free to subscribe & click the bell for notifications. 
ALSO : while you’re there, consider joining my youtube community with exclusive perks, including lives, Q&As, collabs +more.

If you happen to be more of a pretty picture & hashtag person, find me on instagram. I’ll be glad to have you on my journey any way you choose ^_^

Available Online

Purchasable E-courses available for you to work through at your own pace.
TECHNIQUE BASED WORKSHOPS : information given to you on a specified technique.
PROJECT BASED WORKSHOPS : how to complete a certain type of project.
CO-TAUGHT WORKSHOPS : partnering with other incredible Mixed Media Artists

All about DyePOT Dyeing – for your mixed media needs


CO-TAUGHT WORKSHOP : Follow along with Tina Walker & DeeDee Catron as they demonstrate the amazing world of dyepot dyeing. They’ll walk you through the learning the basics of dyeing, what dyes well, how to make pots of gorgeous dyes, what yields the best results & more.

NEW CONTENT Added January 2022 : Dyeing with RESISTS, double dyeing, recreating the Pantone Color Of The Year 2022 & a NOTES section.


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Raw Art Brain – my art journey ACCESS

—$10 per month

gain access to live art sessions, pre-recorded QUENTESSENTIAL DeeDee techniques & tutorials, voiceovers, a quarterly art drop, discount to UmWowStudio +more.

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A Tell-Tale Heart


PROJECT BASED WORKSHOP : Work through creating a delightful zine… a turnable little book made from a single sheet of paper. There’s master sheet work, collaging, chipboard altering +more.

>>>Learn More


All Wound Up


TECHNIQUE & PROJECT BASED : Hosted on the Southern Gal’s Creative Academy – join me for a 4+ hr instructional, self paced workshop with rust dyeing, mixed media net making, marked master sheets & the creation of a wound up vintage spool art piece.

>>>Learn More


All about Rust Dyeing!


TECHNIQUE BASED : Learn the ins & outs that I’ve personally developed for my style of mixed media. This is a technique based workshop that will walk you through the whats & hows of getting great rust transfers each & every time.

>>>Learn More


Build a Mixed Media Journal DeeDee Style


TECHNIQUE BASED WORKSHOP : with tips n tricks to include vintage & new bits in a journal perfect for building upon.

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CO-TAUGHT WORKSHOP : Leaca Young & DeeDee Catron are saying TAG – YOU’RE IT! & inviting you to join in on an art tag journey. Start with a free organization altering demo, then pick & choose tag based workshops that follow specific themes.

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Group Offerings

Where I am part of a bigger picture — talented artists uniting to teach incredible mixed media techniques. Click through for more details on each offering.

The Ugly Art Club

—$19usd per month

A Subscription service for an art club like NO OTHER:
Learn & be inspired by 3 different professional artists.
Tiffany Goff-Smith
Kristin Petersen
& DeeDee Catron
-Monthly inspiration,
-3+ videos a month
-A safe space to share & experiment
-+so much more

>>>Learn More

A year long course
Make collage fodder… use collage fodder… repeat!

’21 & ’22
—$147 early bird
—$207 regular

12 instructors, 12 months.
Learn to make fodder. Learn to use fodder.
24 lessons.

>>>Learn More

In Person

All the places I’ll be : workshops, expos, demos, make n takes, crops +
Scroll down for details where available.

The Compendium Society

—875 (previously sold out, a couple spots have opened up!)

an annual book making retreat
When:  2024 Edition : June 6, 7, 8 & 9 (9am – 5pm each day)
Where: Campelltown Academy of Music & Arts, Campbelltown PA.

4 day workshop!
3 Artists – DeeDee Catron & Tina Walker & Guest Artist LISA GODDARD!!!

Let’s MAKE SOME BOOKS! The 2024 edition of The Compendium Society will include more details soon. But come make BOOKS! Different from the 2023 edition. each year will have NEW books & NEW techniques. Each edition also gets its own BOOKCASE that will stack with other editions – it’s so exciting!

Prerequisites: Must have basic mixed media and bookmaking experience.  This is a technique building workshop.

Want to register?  : Email Tina

>>> or Learn More

The Junker’s Cabinet


4 day workshop!
2 Artists – DeeDee Catron & Tina Walker
– 1 full day of antiquing (may be 2 half days)
– Assemble & alter your own printer’s tray
– 2 miniature books full of techniques
– Round loom weaving
– Molding and resin casting
– Coffee staining
– Mark making
– Wood and chipboard alteration GALORE
– Hand Stitching
– Ceramic vintage-inspired spools

Want to register? Email Tina

>>> or Learn More

The Mad Madder >>> 
Dates Available:
April 2019 (Palmyra PA)
August 2019 (Las Vegas NV)
March 2020 (Palmyra PA) POSTPONED

$675 (Payment options available)
3 Days | 2 Artists | SO.MUCH.INFO
-Learn all about dyepots, eco-dyeing (all natural & safe,) bundling+
-Build 3+ Journals with 3 different binding techniques
-Create home-made inks
-Learn resin paper techniques
-Build your mark making arsenal
-Learn unique stitches
-Practice image transfers
& so much more

Want to register? Email Tina


Search #madmadderworkshop on instagram for loads of images from our workshop

The Mad Madder Comes to ICELAND>>> 
March 2021 


Tina Walker & I have made the decision to take The Mad Madder Workshop INTERNATIONAL : straight to ICELAND! ohemgee. how exciting?

A few details :

March of 2021.
Includes projects & techniques unique to our Iceland trip like weaving and a mixed media bit, 6 nights accommodation, sightseeing the beautiful country (Tina has some amazing things on our list like geysers, waterfalls +) fingers crossed the NORTHERN LIGHTS & of course time with like minded dyepotting souls.
$2075 : $520 deposit reserves your spot. Paid in full by February 15th 2021.

Want to register? Email Tina


Search #madmadderworkshop on instagram for loads of images from our workshop