There is SO MUCH going on in this one tiny post…

first of all, I’ve decided to add my blog posts here directly to my website. That’s super exciting for me. All the goods in one tiny little beautiful corner of the web that I call my own ^_^

secondly… Tina Walker & I have made the decision to take The Mad Madder Workshop INTERNATIONAL : straight to ICELAND! ohemgee. how exciting?

A few details :

March of 2021.
Includes projects & techniques unique to our Iceland trip like weaving and a mixed media bit, 6 nights accommodation, sightseeing the beautiful country (Tina has some amazing things on our list like geysers, waterfalls +) fingers crossed the NORTHERN LIGHTS & of course time with like minded dyepotting souls.
$2075 : $520 deposit reserves your spot. Paid in full by February 15th 2021.
Here are MORE details, let me know if you have any questions!

Email tina to register! :