Hey — so remember the kick ass fodder challenge? it was live in the summer of 2021, jam PACKED full of awesome collage fodder tutorials by 9 different artists. 
As with all things it had a life-span that has now come to an end. The content has reverted back to the owners & this is a list of where you can find said content. I will update this as each artist decides what to do with their fodder inspiration :) 

Day 2 : Sticky Collage Fodder by Rebecca Chapman can be found here on youtube.
Day 3 : Workshop Remnants by DeeDee Catron can be found here on youtube

Day 5 : Now What? Collaging With Your Fodder by Laura Dame can be found here on youtube.
Day 6 : Mixed Media Tags by Wendy Soglanik is purchasable on her website here.
Day 7 : Fodder Your Day by Kelly Anderson can be found here on youtube.



Be sure to search #fodderchallenge on instagram to see the incredible inspired pieces that came from this challenge!